Experience Inexpensive Family Fun with the Geocaching Game

Geocaching is an act of using multi-million dollar satellites and high tech gadgetry in order to discover hidden stashes on remote hiking trials and dense forests. Some people call it as sport and some others call it as game or hobby. This sport attracts people of all age groups and background. Geocaching game is also set up for people with disabilities. People who are not athletically inclined can also enjoy this sport.

geocachingIn geocaching, a handheld GPS device is used to find the hidden cache. You can look for geocaches online with a zip code or download the coordinates into the device. You can discover the hidden geochaches based on the latitudes and longitudes.

You need not live in the suburbs nor do you need to hike or bike to discover a hidden treasure. It’s hidden in cities and also in rural areas.

But what the cache contains can greatly vary. Generally, it can be a small container of some sort hidden on the ground or hung on a tree. Sometimes, it’s as small as film canisters or as big as pencil cases.

Inside of the container, usually you will find a small notepad or roll of paper for logging your name and date that you found it. In some large containers, you will also find materials that individuals have left after to trade.

You can find everything from hot wheels cars to plastic men and also geocoins specifically made for this purpose. At some locations, you will find travel slugs or travel bugs.

These are the small items placed by people who want to see them travel from location-to-location. It also has a trackable tag with a distinctive number marked on it. It allows the individual who discovers it to log its travel from one location to another.

The rules for geocaching game are simple. Once you discover the cache, you sign the log book. You have a choice to trade the items in the cache and close it and place it back in the same location for the next geocacher to find.

According to the rules, you can trade up or trade even, but keep in mind that someone not affiliated with the game could stagger onto the cache and take all the items. So, the contents of the cache should be anything from pins, small toys, key rings, books, DVDs, videos, cards, compasses, coins and other non-valuable items.

This sport attracts people with kids who want some relaxed exercise and also hardcore fanatics who are hunting and riding caches that need extreme mountain climbing or even scuba diving to access.

A multi-stage geocaching game needs several stops. At every location, you find hints to discover the next location.