Fun Camping Activities With Friends

Camping gives you an opportunity to move away from the rat race of urban life.The serene nature and the adventures of an outdoor can give you an adrenal rush that is incomparable. However, at times long camping days could get boring and monotonous with nothing to do. Here are a few ideas to keep you busy and have a fun filled camping expeditions.

Fun Camping Activities With Friends

1. Games for Camping

There are a lot of games that can keep you occupied with your friends during your camping,

  • You could play “Scavenger Hunt” in which you make a list of all the things you may find near the campsite and go out to search for them and bring them back to the campsite. The person with the most things wins.
  • Card games are an all-time hit. Learn a new game of cards when you are out camping with your friends and be assured of hours of fun.
  • Hug a tree is also a fun game that can be played when out in the wild. One person is blindfolded and led by another through a wandering route to a place that should not be too far from the starting place. Now the blindfolded person is led to a tree and asked to hug the tree and familiarise themselves with it by feeling it as long as they want, before they are led back to starting point and the blindfold is removed. Now the person has to find out his or her tree.

2. Activities that are Fun

These are some activities that you generally do not do in the city.

  • Go splashing in the lake if there is one beside your camping site and float paper boats in it to see whose boat wins the race.
  • Tell ghost stories to each other. You could also have a relay story time. One person starts a ghost story and leaves off at an important point. The next person takes up the thread of the story and continues for a while adding his or her own details and leaves off somewhere in the middle. The next person picks up the thread and so on and so forth.
  • Watch the stars and learn about their positions.

3. Activities that will make you Fit Too

  • Go hiking into the area around your campsite. Use this trip to learn about maps and reading a compass if you don’t already know it.
  • Take a biking trip. You can rent bikes and explore the area around the campsite.

4. Last but not the least, build a campfire. Nothing beats the thrill of a campfire and music and food sitting around it.

Follow the above ideas and add a few of your own to make your camping a memorable one. Have a great time.

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