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The number of people sharing their homes, lands, cars, appliances etcetera is on the rise because everyone wants to have a high standard of living by using limited money. Earlier, using used goods was seen in disgust but nowadays it has become a new trend. The same is the case with vacations. You would have noticed that travelling together with your friends or acquaintances pinches your pocket less as the total cost is being shared. On the other hand, travelling alone or with only two or three people pinches you more, financially.

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In recent years, population going to camping has grown steadily; leaving many state and national parks overcrowded and booked up months in advance. In fact, many private organizations have been actively working to convert acres of inaccessible lands to camping sites. This initiative is of advantage to landowners owning these lands in the countryside. Now, the benefits can be enjoyed by landowners who can also join the sharing economy owing to their land and hosting campers. Private landowners can now earn money by camping on their lands and yet keeping it undeveloped and natural. As camping needs are increasing and diversifying, so are camping sites. These private camping sites are a new craze among campers. In this way, the landowners can earn good revenue by keeping the land in their own possession and campers too can enjoy nature in its pristine form by paying a nominal fee.

There are many benefits of share economy camping. They are

More Economical

As the name suggests, share economy camping is economical and efficient. Since camping sites in most public parks across all cities are full to the last inch, these private share camping sites at nominal fees provide more space and privacy. These are also more affordable than renting out a full private camp.

Helps to get Social and Connect with Strangers

One advantage of sharing camps is that although it gives you a little privacy, it does not completely cut you off from the rest of the world. In this era of social networking, everyone wants to connect with everyone and become more social both in their public as well as private life. These share economy camps also help to promote communication and gives a boost to your social life.

Enhances your Feeling of Security

Compared to private camps, these share economy camps enhance your security. This is needed especially if you have decided to camp in an isolated location. Moreover, these tracts of lands are owned by landowners who often stay nearby. In case you run out of food, torches, batteries etcetera, you can always rely on the landowner or other members of your camp to help you.

These share economy camps will give a great variety to your life and break your daily monotony. So, make some new friends, invite them over for some bonfire dinner, prepare some barbecued roast beef or chicken, get a bottle or two of beer, lay down lazily by the warmth of the bonfire and indulge in the sweet and nostalgic flavor of life. Live young, live free!



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