5 Really Fun Things to do on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a perfect getaway from the humdrum of modern-day life and gives you the much-wanted solitude from problems. It is, therefore, important that camping should be done right, and this is what we are exactly going to discuss.
Leaving aside the technicalities of camping—such as what equipment should be carried along, etc—we are going to dwell on a few aspects which can really double the camping fun.

Five really fun things to do on your next camping trip

So, without further ado, presenting before the five seriously fun ways to pass your time in a camp:

1. The Game of Werewolf

Oh, the word in itself—Werewolf—makes us cringe with fear and excitement, but, honestly, we are not talking about hunting down those mythological creatures.

Popularly known as Mafia, Werewolf is actually a strategy game in which you only need a couple of people, a set of cards, and a knack for uttering white lies.

Every player is given a card that designates them as a villager or a werewolf. It is now on the rest of the group to determine which player is a werewolf; meanwhile, the one with a werewolf card would engage in persuading others to point out the wrong players.

As sneaky as a werewolf, eh?

2. Revisiting those urban legends

Every camping place houses several urban legends, and most of them are internationally famous. While spending time in your camp, you can double the fun by telling urban legends.

There are so many of them to talk about—the infamous Bloody Mary, the Red Room, etc. You can add to the mysteriousness of the discussion by coming up with expressive rendition. You can go, “BOOM! And she appeared!” to add flavor to the legend and fun to the environment.

Frail hearted people are advised caution!

3. Cast-iron sandwich cooker

Yes, this is what your camp is really missing. Get along a cast-iron sandwich cooker—why? Well, the answer lies in its properties; the device possesses good heat retention capability, which can be truly helpful in cold weather camping where heat is everything you really want.

There are several brands marketing this device, and you can buy whatever that fits you and your budget—but make sure it is in your camping inventory, always!

4. Play Harmonica

The guitar is way too mainstream and bulky to carry along in camping. So, why not switch to a lighter, smaller and equally musical device, Harmonica.

Playing Harmonica in the midst of forest is always a pleasant experience, as they say, and it will never hurt the tranquillity of nature. This instrument has been a companion to campers since ages and still retains its exceptional place.

5. Time to master night time photography

One of the best pass times in camping is photography, especially night time photography.

If you are camping on an expansive, naturally gifted landscape such as a desert, then you should certainly try out some photography.

You can capture the best of the night sky shimmering with smeared galaxy of stars looking down and giving away the sensation of incredibility.

Oh, to make things easier, do get a robust tripod—it will really help!