6 Most Effective Tips for Hiking in Swamps

Walking or hiking through wilderness of bogs, marsh or swamps can be very difficult and challenging. Not only do you need the skill to be able to read the terrain but also proper amount of fitness to make your way out of it.

Knowing some tips and suggestions for hiking in swamps can help you get out of risky situations and may also make your journey more comfortable and quick. Swamps can really tire down even the most seasoned hikers but certain tricks can make things easier. The following are some of the most effective tips for hiking in swamps.

tips for hiking in swamps

1. Know the Area

Before you set out to hike in a swamp, it is important to get familiar with the area. Not all swamps are similar to one another and some of them can be dangerous as well.  Some things that you may need to know about in advance include length, depth, animals that lurk around there and the plant life that may be present.  You must also know about the potential problems and the way to deal with them.

2. Carry Proper Gear

In order to hike successfully and comfortably in a swamp, it is important that you carry all the proper and required gear and tools with you. You need to dress properly according to the weather conditions and also wear proper footwear. Don’t wear slippers or uncomfortable footwear and go for boots or hiking shoes.  Wear a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun and carry a pair of sunglasses. Carry hiking stick, sunscreen, enough water and food and also a backpack containing other essentials.  Carry a phone with GPS or a compass to help you find directions.

3. Go with a Friend

It is always better to go hiking in a swamp with a friend or fellow hiking enthusiast. It is important to hike together and not leave one another mid-way. All water activities prove to be safer when done with a buddy who can watch your back.

4. Know How to Check Depth

Remember that in a swamp, it is easy to get drowned even in shallow water bodies. Thus you must know how to do a depth check. You can take a walking stick or a branch, dip it in water and then register the length by seeing till where the branch was wet.

5. Use the Correct Walking Technique

With the right walking technique, you will be able to make your way faster and more effectively. Always take the second step before finishing the first and try to walk in a swamp like you are walking on land. You must have the right level of skill and fitness to be able to make the journey.

6. Know What to do if you are Sinking

The first step is to avoid panicking. Do not splash your hands or try to struggle as that will make you drown even faster. Instead, drop to your hands and knees or try to float. Make snake like movements and head back towards land.