Clean your RV Water Tank Effectively with the Help of these Tips

Cleaning RV tanks is not as complicated as we think but of course, it is important in order to have safe and purified water to drink and use. We often hire external services to clean the RV tanks and pay them a lot of money but it is not really required to hire people to do it. You can do it yourself by following some easy tips to sanitize your water tank and you will indeed save a lot of money with this. It is quite a simple procedure. Read below to know more:

clean your RV water tank effectively with the help of these tips

  • Start by draining the water heater. Go to the outside compartment where the water heater is situated and move the controls to drain the heater. Keep in mind that you should never drain the water heater when it’s hot or under the pressure.
  • After this, you need to locate the low point waterline drains. It might take time to find them but you will indeed find them. There would be one for hot and one for cold water lines. After finding them, drain all the water from the tank. Make sure that you force all the water out of the tank effectively.
  • After evacuating the water from the system, you are almost half done with the procedure.
  • After this, you need to take a quarter cup of bleaching powder for every fifteen gallons of water. Calculate the proportion according to the size of your RV water tank. Mix the bleach with water in a one gallon container and pour it in the tank which holds fresh water.
  • Fill the tank with potable water completely and turn the water pump on. Further, open the water faucets and run the water at maximum speed unless your feel the strong smell of the bleach coming out.
  • After you fill the tank, make some remedy to make the water move all over the tank so that it facilitates cleaning in an easier way. You can probably put in a long stick and move the water with force so that it revolves and the tank is effectively clean efficiently without leaving any dirty corners of the tank.
  • Close the tank and stop the water flow. Let the bleach containing water sit for 12 to 14 hours and after this, drain the entire water tank again, Make sure that the tank is not smelling of bleach anymore or else you will have bleach smelling water for daily usage.
  • After draining the tank, fill it again with fresh water and run and drain the water away until you stop smelling the bleach completely. You will have to drain the water 2 to 3 times in order to completely get rid of the bleach smell.
  • Once the smell of the bleach is gone, you can fill the tank with water and start its usage again, You can use potassium permanganate or other chlorine as an alternative but these both chemicals do not smell and hence, you will not understand if they are really drained out or not, Hence, using bleach is the best option.