The Most Useful List of Backpacking Tips for Females

These days, more and more number of female travelers are going backpacking on their own and as a solo traveler. Not only does such a trip prove to be a journey into oneself but also makes the female realize what she is capable of.

She not only learns about the strengths she didn’t know existed in her but also gets the chance to look at the world as never before. But in order to make it a fruitful and successful experience, it is important for all female backpackers to remember a few tips and suggestions. They are given as follows:

backpacking tips for females

Packing Right

Before you set off for your backpacking trip, you must remember to pack light. Carrying only essentials is highly important to limit the weight of the backpack and hence make the journey smooth and easy. Some essentials that you may need are comfortable lowers/shorts, comfortable t-shirts, a jacket, a cap/hat, good pair of walking shoes, a pair of slippers, underwear, a stove to cook food, essential utensils, ready to cook food items, snacks, energy bars, raincoat, sunglasses, water bottle and tampons etc.  Don’t forget the portable tent.

Consider Safety

It is important to take all possible safety measures when you are on the road. Keep your cash well hidden in your backpack and in a sealed plastic and waterproof pouch.  Don’t flash your cash unnecessarily and keep your passport close.  Get a set off alarm to protect yourself in emergency situations or if you land up close to an animal who you wish to scare off.  Avoid wearing any loud jewellery or letting other people know that you are alone. Make sure you give your backpacking details to someone back home and take a phone with you with GPS.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Another thing to keep in mind when backpacking is to keep yourself well hydrated. Carry a lotof water with you and purchase more as soon as you find a store. Fill water at regular water points on your way.

Mingle with Other Backpackers

Don’t be too afraid in talking to and mingling with other backpackers you meet on the way because otherwise a long trip can get really lonely and you may end up losing all determination. Avoid trusting anyone too much but a harmless conversation here and there won’t hurt.

Carry a Map and Keep it Laminated

It is very important to know the route that you will be taking and for this purpose, it is very important to carry a map with you. It is better to get it laminated to avoid ruining it in the rain. Follow the map closely and don’t hesitate in asking directions from other backpackers if you need to.

Consider your Physical Fitness

If you think you can’t continue any longer and don’t have the stamina to go forward, then remember to take a break. But even after that you can’t continue, it is better to give up because your physical health is more important than reaching the end point.