Top Desert Campsites in the UAE

Desert camping is an experience of its own. It is not as popular as camping in woods, but it is equally amazing. Desert camping makes you a witness to some of the most spectacular things on earth—best sunset and sunrise moments, anendless stretch of desert, cultural diversity and whatnot. If all this has already helped you make up your mind for desert camping, we would recommend you UAE!

UAE is a heaven amid an expanse of endless desert, and this is especially true for campers. Yes, you read it right—there are ample opportunities available to campers to experience the best of the desert camping, and we shall, in this article, tell you what and all places you can go camping.

Top desert campsites in the UAE

Here are five best desert campsites in UAE:

1. Fujairah

The east coast of UAE is a perfect place to set up your camping ground. All you need to do is to head towards the sandy expanse nearby Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort and get on with camping. In case your trip meets certain unexpected hurdles and you need a place to stay, then you need not fret since the area has many hotels nearby.

2. Big Red

True to its name, Big Red is basically a huge red dune which is easily noticeable on the Dubai-Hatta Road. The area facilitates some of the best camping experiences by detaching campers from the humdrum of daily life. In case you need some essentials, there are a number of shops lining up the village of Madam, which is close to the Hatta border crossing.

3. Arabian Ranches

Many campers do not want to camp in far off places, and many prefer to camp on the Al Qudra Road which runs along the Arabian ranches. Set up your tent in between the dunes because this is considered the best way to protect yourself from the swift wind and ensure as much privacy as you may want.

4. Dibba

Dibba is located at the eastern entry zone to the Mussandam Peninsula and is basically a quiet, little town with an amazing environment to camp. Now camping on the beach is prohibited, but there are many open areas where one can have an utmost perfect camping experience. What would be better than camping against a mountainous region with impeccably clear water running through?

5. Liwa Oasis

Those who are amazingly venturesome and would not mind travelling a little while longer in the car can opt for Liwa Oasis as their camping site. Liwa Oasis is about a four-hour drive from the dazzling Dubai and is regarded as the ultimate zone for a camping experience. What adds to the thrill is that it is situated at the heart of the biggest sand desert in the world. The connectivity to general stores is amazing and, in there, you can have access to basic camping gears and necessary provisions such as water, food, etc. If you are already tired of your tent, then you can relax in the stunning Qasr Al Sarab resort!