8 Things not to Carry on a Camping Trip

Everyone talks about what to take while you go for camping, but it is only in rare occasions one comes across a post that talks about unnecessary burden you carry along that spoils your trip. Here are 8 things you need to leave back home if you wish to completely enjoy your camping experience.

8 Things not to Carry on a Camping Trip

White clothes

Nobody likes to make a mess out of their pure white clothes, and camping is messy in the most adventurous way. Getting your clean white top for adventure is not the best idea. Pick the darkest of your clothes, preferably brown and black.

High heels

High heels might be ideal for a fashion show or a wedding, but camping calls for a pair of plain sports shoes that let you move in the most comfortable way. The last thing you want is to leave with a fractured leg!

Unnecessary electronics

Some might have unrealistic plans for their trip and end up grabbing everything starting with your camera and ending with your hairdryer. But do you really need them? No! You don’t. Let’s not forget the dangers of leaving them behind. You don’t want to associate this beautiful occasion to a lost DSLR.


Camping begs for comfortable clothing, and there is no need to doll yourself with that lovely necklace and gorgeous bracelet. In case of the guys, don’t bother with your expensive watch.

Tight Jeans

Again, camping begs for comfortable outfit and struggling to walk in that skin tight jeans will take some fun out of camping. Also, they take ages to dry and might end up causing you a fever. Getting sick during camping is going to be heart-breaking.


Cats aren’t your ideal partner when it comes to camping. Having them might take away the spirit of adventure. You might want to stay back to take care of them. It is almost similar to bringing a new born, which isn’t fun either. The best way to enjoy your fullest is by clearing your mind and having nothing to worry about for that short period of camping time.

 Makeup and scented deodorant

For once you need to stop caring about how you look, and smell (sounds hard, right?). To begin with, Make up has no real use when you know you are going to get all sweaty and tired. If anything, applying makeup and sweating can only make you look worse. On the other hand, scent is known to attract flies, so only use unscented deodorant so avoid them instead of burdening yourself with fly swatters.

Unadventurous people

Camping is not for everyone. Some people prefer their couch or maybe shopping over this. Bringing people who couldn’t care less about camping is the best way to make it boring. Their laziness can prove to be contagious! You might find yourself lazing around so take someone sporty along with you. But if you don’t have anyone, then don’t worry because camping alone can be fun too.