Top Dangers to Avoid During Night Camping

Camping is one of the most fun and preferred activities for many people across the world. Not only does it offer the adventure quotient needed by everyone but also makes for a good family/friends outing. While most camping spots observe proper safety precautions and are safe, some may be out there in the wild and may pose dangers, especially during the nighttime.

Night camping especially can be a little risky if proper precautions are not taken. It is important to be aware of its dangers so as to be able to avoid them. The following is a list of the top dangers to avoid during night camping.

dangers to avoid during night camping

Extreme Cold

Even if the camping site is located in a warm area, as the night falls, the temperatures can drop considerably and may lead to very cold conditions. One must always be equipped with needed equipments and warm clothing to beat the cold and have a comfortable stay in the tent. One must know how to light a fire and should have properly ventilated tent for protection from the cold.

Wild Animals

It is important to choose a camping site which is free from any wild animals lurking in the dark. Wild animals definitely pose a big risk for night campers and the best way to avoid them is to choose a safe spot. You must keep the fire lit to scare them away and prevent yourself from littering so as to avoid animals like bears etc.


As soon as the sun goes down, most camping sites may start attracting insects, some of which may be carrying diseases and germs. Thus disease causing germs can also be considered as one of the dangers of night camping. It is a good idea to carry insect repellants and keep the fire lit at all times. Apply insect repellant cream or lotion on yourself and make sure you do not camp near litter or big trees.


During the night when everyone sleeps, the fire on the camp is often left unattended. This can lead to campfires which can prove to be one of the biggest danger associated with night camping. It is important to keep the fire in check and keep an eye on it every now and then.


If you are camping on a camping site which has several campers on it, then night time could be the best time for thieves to go for their catch. Beware of theft during the nighttime by not leaving anything valuable out of reach. Keep your tent closed from inside and keep money and jewellery etc close by.

Getting Lost

It is much easier to get lost during the night as compared to daytime. One must always carry a map, a torch and not wander away from the camp site. Every year, there are many cases of people going missing from camps and this is mostly the case with night camping.