The Complete Camping Checklist for a Teen Girl

Camping is one of the most adventurous activities not just for couples or kids but also for teenagers. Every teen remembers his/her camping days throughout their lives and this is because camping during teenage years is a lot about fun, laughter, enjoyment, adventures and thrill.

If you are a teen girl who is about to go on a camping trip with friends or through a school summer camp, then you will need a few items for a much better trip.  Every camper must pack some essentials without which it may be difficult to spend the weekend or duration of the trip. The following is a complete camping checklist for a teen girl:

complete camping checklist for a teen girl

A Sleeping Bag/Tent

One of the most important items to take on a camping trip is a sleeping bag or a tent, whichever is more suitable and relevant. If you are going with your school or summer camp, then you may not be required to carry a tent on your own but if are headed out with a bunch of friends, then you may need to carry one. If not, a sleeping bag is essential.


Depending upon the number of days of your camping trip, you will need to carry sufficient change of clothes but make sure you don’t take more than you require. Carry atleast 2 pair of jeans, a few t-shirts, a jacket, few pair of socks, gloves for winters, cap, enough change of undergarments, comfortable pajamas, nightwear etc.

Footwear and Other Wearables

Besides clothing, you will also need to carry a comfortable yet rough and tough pair of camping shoes. You can also carry flip flops to walk around the camping site when not hiking. A few other wearables will depend on the weather. For example a windcheater would be necessary in extra cold days and so on.


You will need to pack a pouch or toiletries for your camping trip as well. You must carry soap, shampoo pouches, conditioner pouches, a cold cream, a moisturizer, a sunscreen lotion, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, and a washing powder. Make sure you take all the smallest packings of these products to avoid making your backpack too heavy.

Other Items

You may want to carry a few extra things for emergency situations or for leisure and entertainment. Carrying a book can be a good idea for a camp as it helps to pass time and makes for a relaxing yet productive activities. You must carry with you a torchlight with extra batteries for nighttime. A mobile phone or small music player can also be a good idea for a camp.  Carry a camera if your cell phone doesn’t have one but keep it safe.

A Backpack

The size of the backpack must be suitable for your body size. It must have enough space and extra pockets in it to keep items like water bottle, footwear extra separately. It must have a net pouch for the bottle and pockets inside of it as well.