The Complete Camping Checklist While Pregnant

Camping is one of those few outdoor activities which almost everyone loves to go out for or enjoy with the family. Camping can be enjoyed by males and females, adults and kids, elderly and young and also by pregnant women.

The Complete Camping Checklist While Pregnant

Camping is a great way to beat away the stress of pregnancy, of taking care of health and the monotony of staying at home. But there are certain things that have to be kept in mind while camping when you are pregnant.  One must pack right and take all the essentials that can prove handy on a camping trip while pregnant.  So here’s a detailed camping checklist for pregnant women:

A Lot of Water

It is important to take along with you more water than you think you will need for a camping trip when pregnant. During the pregnancy months, it is very important to be hydrated to avoid knocking yourself up and this becomes even more important while camping.

Medicines and Prescriptions

Another important thing to pack on a camping trip while pregnant is your prescribed medicines. During pregnancy, you may be required to have several different medicines and before heading out, do ask your doctor to write you a detailed prescription.  Also, don’t forget to take other first aid items such as band aid, bandage, pain killers, pain sprays, pain balms etc.

Healthy Food

Pregnancy food requirements may be a little different from you regular food requirements and hence it is important to pay attention to what food items you pack. Avoid taking too much of junk foods


During your camping trip while pregnant, you will need enough cushions not only for your camping van but also to support your back in the tent or camp.  So do make sure that you take enough cushions with you when you head out.

Sleeping Bag

It might be more comfortable for you to sleep in a sleeping bag during the camping trip rather than sleeping on the hard and cold ground under the tent.  Thus do not forget to pack your sleeping bag so that you can have a nice and soft base to sleep in.

Cushioned Shoes

It is important to take a nice and cushioned pair of shoes while going for your camping trip. You must avoid taking normal slippers or heals as walking in these can cause swelling and foot ache. Also, take a few pair of socks to wear on your feet before putting the shoes on to avoid the chill that can come up at the night time.

A Stole or Shawl

Make sure that you are equipped with a stole or a shawl when you head out for your camping trip while pregnant as it can help you beat the chill or may even prove useful for placing under you in the tent, if it gets cold.

Energy Bars

Do pack a few energy bars or granola bars as you may feel short on energy if you walk a little more than you planned.