Don’t Just Be A Camper, Be A Responsible Camper

camp fireYou’ve decided to go camping this weekend with some friends that are more avid campers than maybe you are.

You think it would probably be a good idea to read up on some camping etiquette or maybe some updated camping tips and recommendations.

You don’t want to look like a complete novice when you go with your friends so we have put together some tips from seasoned campers.

These tips are things that looking back on the beginning of their camping days, these people wish they would have known in the beginning. If they had known these things in the beginning they would have had a more successful first few camping trips!

First of all don’t try to be brave or be ambitiously out-doors by looking for your own camp site off in the middle of the woods. Stick with a campsite that has been used before; an existing campsite.

Make sure the area where you decide to camp and set up your tent is a good surface that is not full of vegetation. Some novice campers think it would be a good idea to dig trenches around the tent for whatever reason; do not do this. Remember to stick with existing camp sites.

For those of you who are environmentalists and always trying to better the earth you should consider the use of a camp stove instead of a camp fire. If you were to use a campfire the impact on the earth would be more detrimental than using a camp stove.

Also, for you environmentalists always be picking up trash left by other campers. Pay it forward. Carry trash bags with you at all times and consider doing more than your part to clean up our earth.

Many experienced campers will tell you to set up your tent at least 200 feet away from other campsites as well as 200 feet away from trails and water.

Read and remember all fire restrictions at the park or camp site. These fire restrictions are there for a reason and for the safety of all the campers.

If you absolutely must build a fire while at the camp site use any existing fire rings at the site. Also, use a fire pan or build a mound fire. While building your fire make sure there are no tree limbs or any other flammable objects near you.