Important Points to Consider While Buying a Camping Stove

Are you planning to go out on a camping vacation and not sure what sort of equipments you will need? For one, make sure you take a camping stove. Now, there are varieties of camping stoves available in the market, and if you are not an experienced camper, it might be difficult for you to choose the right stove. Here are some tips on how to select a camping stove for your next vacation.

points to consider while buying a camping stove

How to Select a Camping Stove: Dos and Don’ts

Camping stoves are essential for a camping trip because it is convenient to cook in the stove rather than in camp fire. The stoves can be of different sizes and with a variety of facilities. Here are some important factors you need to know in order to buy one.

  • First and foremost you need to decide if you want a camping stove or a backpacking one. The difference between a camping stove and a backpacking stove is that the former is comparatively bigger and heavier than the latter, and therefore is not suitable for carrying through a trek.
  • If you are buying backpacking stove, check the facilities it has. Some backpacking stoves are only meant for heating water, while some have the cooking facilities too. Do not buy the former, unless you already have a second camping stove.
  • If your group is not too big, then it will be wiser to get a single burner camping stove. These, as you can understand are lighter and burn less fuel than the multi burner ones. Also you can take this for your personal use.
  • Camping stoves can be divided based on their usage of various types of fuel. You need to select them keeping the pros and cons in mind. For example the classic camping stoves use liquid petroleum and are heavier than the other varieties. On the other hand if you are going to a very cold climatic region, then stoves which use liquid gas would be of no use since it might not cooperate in freezing weather. Moreover, it is not a very cheap option.
  • Before making the choice, take a test as to how efficiently the stove boils water. Generally, in good climate, without much wind and in a fixed temperature most of the stoves perform this task well. However, in harsher climates things change. You need to check the BTUs or British Thermal Units which tells you the amount of energy is used by the stove in order to boil one pound of unit by one degree Fahrenheit. The efficiency of the stove can be decided best on the result of this test.
  • If you wish to use the grill facility then either you should buy an added grill top or look for a camping stove with grill.

Before buying your camping stove, then, keep your requirement in mind and look for those stoves which perfectly fit your bill. A camping stove can be handy for a beach picnic too or at times when there is a power crisis at your home. Keep all this in mind, browse a bit and then buy your camping stove, online, or from the market.

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