Best Deep Sea Fishing Locations

Many people love fishing as a hobby or a sport. They can take a lot of trouble to go out and fish whenever they have some free time. However, deep sea fishing is not possible in most places, thus people take trips to various places to engage in deep sea fishing. Here is a list of some of the best deep sea fishing locations for you if you are a deep sea fishing enthusiast.


6 Best Deep Sea Fishing Locations Around the World

Some of the best deep sea fishing locations in various parts of the world is enlisted below, for the convenience of your planning for the next trip.

  1. Cape Town in South Africa– Cape Town is a well known tourist spot. However not a lot of people know that it is also an amazing place for deep sea fishing. It has fishes like Tuna and some other fighter fishes. It is possible to fish there all through the year, though the best time for fishing in Cape Town would be from September to June.
  2. Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico– This is a place also known as the ‘Marlin capital’ of the world. The place follows a very strict policy of catch and release of the fish thus the population of the fish does not decrease. The best time to fish here is May to December, though practically fishing continues here throughout the year.
  3. Outer Banks, North Carolina in the USA– This is one of the best fisheries in America. A number of fish is brought to the banks by the Gulf Stream water, right from the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, as well as Southern Florida. The most popular fish in this place are marlin, red drum, yellowfin tuna, sailfish etc.
  4. Phuket in Thailand– All fishing enthusiasts keep Phuket in their bucket list. Apart from the bounty of fish, the beautiful blue sea of Phuket is enticing too. The main fish found here include sea bass, marlin, tuna, carps, catfish etc. In Phuket, you can fish all year round and the best time in Phuket for deep sea fishing is from July to October.
  5. Sicily in Italy– The word fishing is intrinsically linked with Sicily. The clear water of the sea is a favorite place of habitation for a number fish including swordfish, grouper, tuna, among other varieties. Spear fishing in the night is another attraction for fishing enthusiast visiting Sicily.
  6. Victoria in Australia– If general fishing does not excite you that much, and you want to fish sharks, then Victoria in Australia is the place for you. The coastal water of the area is the home of a large variety of sharks, like bronze whaler, great hammerhead etc., which you can fish and enjoy the whole process.

These are some of the most famous places where deep sea fishing is an out of the world experience. So if you are into the hobby of fishing, these places will surely be in your bucket list.