The Best Camping Tips for First Timers

Going camping for the first time can be both exciting and scary. It can be intimidating but can also turn out to be an amazing experience if you plan carefully. For first timers, there are many things to keep in mind while going for camping in the woods.

From what to pack to what to do and from what to cook and from what not to do, the list of things to consider is endless. So if you too wish to have a lovely first time camping experience, you can consider the following given points and suggestions:

camping tips for first timersWhat to Buy and Pack

Some of the things that you will need to buy for your first camping trip include a good backpack, a tent, enough clothing, a stove, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag, a good flashlight, a water bottle, cooking supplies and utensils, sunglasses, a good pair of sport shoes,slippers and a lantern.  Also, some other additional that often prove useful include a bug spray, sunscreen lotion, a book to read, a phone with a portable charger and a map.

Where to Camp

If you have decided to go camping but are unsure of where to camp then there are many ways to find a good camping site. You can either conduct a search on the internet or ask your friends or relatives who often go out for camping. There are many types of camping locations and you can choose one on the basis of your preference.  For example, there are some sites with fishing lakes nearby whereas there are others that may often portable toilets for your convenience and so on.

When to go

Another thing that you might need to consider is the best time to camp. Camping must always be done at a time when the weather is comfortable to your liking and there is no major risk of excessive showers or storms etc. in the area that you are going to camp.  Avoid going when it is too hot or too cold as that may dampen your experience as the number of things you can do will get limited.

What to do on the Camp

You must also decide and prepare for the things you are going to do on the camp. You can’t just keep sitting all day and pass time with a book and hence you need to arrange for other things to do such as hiking, fishing, playing games, cooking, venturing into the woods and others. Make sure you pack essential tools and supplies to ensure that you do not get bored on a camp.

What to Eat

If you carry a stove then there will be plenty for you to cook and eat.  Make sure you make arrangement for cooking tea, coffee, eggs, sausages, sandwiches and snacks. Carry ready to eat items and energy bars to fill your stomach if there is not much to eat.

Camping is all about embracing the nature and living on minimum supplies. Avoid distracting yourself with technology and help to make the most of it.