9 of the World’s Top Camping Sites

Camping is a wonderful experience for people of all ages and experience across the world. You don’t have to be an expert in the wilderness to enjoy a camping trip. Sleeping under the twinkling stars on a warm summer night offers a peaceful and tranquil feeling to most people.

There are thousands of wonderful places to camp on the globe, but most of the best ones combine camping with the natural beauty and landscape of the area. These are some of the best spots on the planet to enjoy the atmosphere while camping.

1. Leo Carillo State Park, Malibu, California, USA

Leo Carillo State Park, Malibu(photo by dmperkins)

This superb campground combines the wilderness with beach life. There’s an ocean bluff that features some amazing views of the sea on one side and a thick forest on the other side. Both campers and beach enthusiasts love it. You can spend some time around the campfire and then head over to the water to enjoy some time swimming, fishing, sailing, and surfing.

2. Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, Cobourg Peninsula, Australia

Worlds Top Camping Sites(photo by grey_albatross)

You can only reach this wonderful campground by sea or air. That gives you an idea how remote and secluded it is. It’s filled with colourful coral reefs, powdery sand dunes, and marshy swamplands. If you head inland you’ll come across rainforests and if you head outwards you’ll reach the ocean.

3. Drybeck Farm, Cumbria, Great Britain

Drybeck Farm, Cumbria, Great Britain(photo by drybeckfarm)

The British farm offers something a little bit different with a couple of yurts available for sleeping in. Each one can sleep up to six campers and comes with a wood-burning stove. The ground also has a comfortable Gypsy Caravan that overlooks a nearby river in the heart of the beautiful Cumbrian countryside.

4. Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Glacier National Park, Montana(photo by jeffhollettvancouverwa)

This is one of top scenic camping spots in the world. The park is home to 13 different campgrounds as well as about 750 miles of hiking trails. The trails enable you to get close up views of the many crystal-clear lakes, meadows, and ice-capped, beautiful mountains all year long.

5. Banjara Camps, Sangla, India

Worlds Top Camping Sites(photo by bimalmehta1)

This Indian site offers a fantastic camping experience as it lies close to the border with Tibet and the Himalayan Mountains. It’s a rich historic and cultural getaway too as there are planet of monasteries, and remote villages in the area. You’ll also find the Kamru Fort and Bering Nag Temple nearby where rajas used to be crowned many years ago. It’s a peaceful way to escape city life.

6. Ruckle Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

Ruckle Provincial Park(photo by thelostdutchman)

This ocean-side camping area allows you to camp on the shoreline where you may get a look at passing killer whales. There are also several tide pools where you can explore some of the region’s other interesting sea creatures. It’s a splendid camping area for those who are also inspired by the water.

7. Brazos Bend State Park, Needville, Texas, USA

Worlds Top Camping Sites(photo by judybaxter)

This American park is ideal for camping and fishing. The park is situated inside of half a dozen lakes which are filled with swamps and rugged trails. There are many opportunities to bike, horseback ride, picnic, camp, and fish. It’s recommended for expert campers as the park is also home to dozens of alligators.

8. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Worlds Top Camping Sites(photo by chuqui)

This is probably the most famous park in America. It actually reaches across three different states and is filled with hot springs, explosive geysers, and a host of wildlife that roams across the park. The natural beauty is breathtaking and second to none.

9. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Worlds Top Camping Sites(photo by Keta Goes Global)

There’s a campground in this park that’s almost as exotic as its name. It’s called Longitude 131 and it basically offers luxury camping in the middle of Australia’s outback. You’ll sleep in a luxury tent by night and explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area by day.