Planning for Hiking Overnight Trip? Look out for These 8 Useful Packing Tips

Hiking overnight is a very exciting experience which is filled with adventure, fun and thrill. If you too are planning for an overnight hiking trip, then you might want to make sure you have all the essentials in your backpack. The following are some effective tips for packing while hiking overnight:

1. A 2 man Tent

A 2 man Tent

In order to sleep in, you must always carry a 2 man tent as it has enough room and space.

2. A Groundsheet for under the Tent

You must always pack a groundsheet to be spread under the tent. This will help you avoid sleeping on a rough surface.

3. Lightweight and Compact Sleeping Bag

Many people make the mistake of carrying a heavy sleeping bag. But remember to carry a compact and a lightweight sleeping bag with you on your overnight hiking outing.  You can either get a ‘down’ or a ‘synthetic’ bag. Synthetic bags are cheaper than the down bags but they can be a little bulky.

4. Well Insulated Sleeping Bag

There are many types of sleeping bags available in the market.  But you must always buy a well-insulated one as it is the most comfortable for an overnight hiking outing.  Plus since it is insulated from the bottom, it will work well both in summers and in winters.

5. Light Cooking Gear

Light Cooking Gear

On an overnight hiking trip, you will surely need to cook dinner. For this, avoid carrying heavy and complex cooking gear. Rather, carry some light essentials such as stove, a fork, a spoon, a cup, a bowl of a plate and a little dish washing liquid to help you rinse your utensils.

6. Some Nutritional Snack Food

Some Nutritional Snack Food

Make sure you carry some nutritional snack food which is lightweight. You can opt for something like two minute noodles as they are easy to cook as well. Some other options are freeze dried meals, nuts to keep you energized etc.

7. Minimum Clothes

Your overnight hiking trip is not a fashion outing and hence you must carry only the minimum essential clothes such as a set of thermals, 1 pair of socks, a warm jacket, a rain coat and a pair of boots.

8. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

This is an essential for all those who are heading out for an overnight hiking trip. You can face many medical emergencies and for this, you must have essential first aid items for you.

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