Selecting The Right Bags To Keep Warm

sleeping bagsEvery piece of equipment you take on a camping trip is important and each should be selected with careful consideration.

Never underestimate how cold it can be at night time, a well chosen sleeping bag is vital.

Your body will lose heat at night; air is the best insulator and the secret to keeping warm.

By retaining warm air trapped around our bodies, heat loss is prevented, although the moisture we create must be allowed to escape.

Modern sleeping bag manufacturers have taken this science and used breathable fabrics to create the ideal conditions for users so that nothing is ever left to chance.

Sleeping bags are rated in a similar way to bed duvets. This is represented by a seasons rating of one for summer use and two for Spring/Fall usage.

Three seasons are designed for when the temperature drops below zero and four seasons should be used for extreme cold.

The feeling of warmth is a very personal thing so bear this in mind. If you are someone who always feels the cold, then over compensate and get a higher rating than is recommended. If you are the opposite go for a lower rated sleeping bag.

Some sleeping bags are available with an attached pillow cover which can be very practical and others have a hood which could be ideal for children.

Choosing a sleeping bag with an appealing fabric or with a specific theme may be worthwhile if it makes them more inviting to the younger family members.