Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Sleeping Bag For Camping

As everyone knows, the wrong bedding on a camping trip can lead to the most awful experience.

If you are the kind of person who really enjoys camping trips, you need to appreciate the importance of selecting the right sleeping bags for camping.

Here are a few factors you have to consider when selecting sleeping bags for your camping trip.

Size and shape

Sleeping bags usually comes in three common shapes: rectangular, barrel and mummy shape in various sizes.

Rectangular shape provides more space for movement; whereas the mummy shape weighs less and also occupies less room. Choose the right shape for sleeping bags accordingly.


If you are a regular camper, this is the most important factor that you have to consider when selecting a sleeping bag. Check whether the bag is durable or not before you decide to purchase it.

Temperature rating

Temperature rating mainly depends upon the campsite that you are planning to go to. Determine the weather conditions of the place you are planning to camp at and select the sleeping bag accordingly.

Apart from these factors, the other factors that you have to consider are the material of the bag, storage capacity and weight.