10 Must Haves on a Family Camping Trip

Camping out with your family is a very different experience as compared to regular camping. It revolves around the comfort of the family, especially the kids and your pet (if you are taking one along). Here are 10 things you must carry along for a family camping trip.

10 Must Haves on a Family Camping Trip

1. Snacks to Munch

From cheese strings to dried fruits, you must carry enough or more snacks to last through the camping trip. Make sure that the snacks you carry score high on energy and nutrition too. Snacks need not mean junk foods that are high on sugar or oil. Go for granola bars, trail mix, nuts and bread. In the liquid section, nothing can replace water. But if you have to, then carry fruit juice in place of fizzy drink.

2. Comfort Foods

Kids can be easier to handle with their comfort foods in place. Having just mentioned healthy snacks on top of the list we are not being contradictory when we say include some chocolate bars and graham crackers. There will be instances when you need to calm your kid – in case of a small injury or a vehicle breakdown. Comfort foods can be of great help in keeping young children occupied during such times.

3. Music on the Go

A camping trip need not mean dead silence throughout, especially with kids around. To keep the spirits up and liven up the scene, you are advised to carry a load of favorite music on your iPod. Do not forget to carry a mini stereo along with the chargers and batteries.

4. Camera

We are sure you will want to keep memories of your family camping experience in your album. So instead of relying on your phone to do the needful, it makes better sense to carry a good camera along. Great views and natural poses cannot be captured on a phone camera. Rely on a professional.

5. Swimming Wear

Even if your pre-camping research says that there are no water bodies around, it still makes sense to carry adequate swimming gear along. There might be some place which will throw a surprise on you. So be prepared with at least the basic gear. However, if your campsite does take you to the shores of a beach then elaborate gear such as tubes, balls and rafts might be a wise enough. The trick is to go for inflatable gear which does not take up much of the boot space.

6. Hiking Gear

In a camping trip, you are bound to walk some distance. So irrespective of what your research says, wear proper hiking shoes. Thick socks and walking sticks may not go waste either. Sensible clothing such as layers is a better option than thick and bulky wear. A strong backpack for the adults is a must for all hiking trips. By the way, do not forget the bug spray and sunscreen.

7. Card Games

No family camping trip is complete without a campfire, marshmallows and card games. Children of all ages can play these games and it is the easiest thing to carry. It is a stress buster and a great way to wind things down.

8. Books

Children often look to books as a downtime activity. You could carry them in the form of paper backs or e-books or both. Carry a mix of old and new. Those with a camping theme will be great. Avoid getting scary ones though. And do not forget to pack some for yourself too.

9. Something Familiar

For young campers and first timers, outdoor camping can get overwhelming. It helps to get something that comforts them at bedtime. It could be anything – a blanket, a pillow or a stuffed toy.

10. A Flash Light

Out in the boonies, after hours can get dark – pitch dark! Never rely on your car’s headlight or the moonlight to take you through your outdoor trip. It can put you into unknown dangers, from wild animals to thorns and insects. Also it can act as a bed lamp to secure your child to sleep.