Winter Fishing – Winter Park Chain of Lakes Florida

In case you are thinking about visiting these lakes, you should know that there are hundreds of reasons to do so. The water is clear and good for fish and other animals, including alligators and birds. The people noticed the beauty of these lakes and they started building condos and hotels around them. Numerous presidents of the U.S. have spent time in the region.

Winter Fishing - Winter Park Chain of Lakes Florida

Special Features

One of the most special things about the lakes is the canal system that connects them. In case you don’t have any luck with one of the lakes, you can move on to fishing in another one. The fish populations vary from one lake to the other, so you should try your luck in at least three lakes.


The first thing you should know about fishing in the lakes are the locations where fishing is allowed. There are two public boat ramps in Maitland and Virginia lakes and there is a fee you have to pay to use the ramps. If you think you will go fishing quite often, you could also get a yearly permit.

Lake Virginia and Lake Maitland

Lake Virginia

Lake Virginia has a small pier at the lanes that you can use when fishing. In the beach and swimming area there is another pier that is sometimes used by fishers.

Lake Maitland

Lake Maitland also has two lanes with a small pier. You can find this pier at the Kraft Gardens. Sometimes people fish off the shore by the canals, which is public land. The truth is that there aren’t many spots on land to fish from, so a lot of fishing enthusiasts buy kayaks to get out on the water.

The Fish

If you are interested in fishing, for sure you would like to know a bit more about your prey as well. Usually people find large mouth bass, spotted gar, tilapia, black crappie, and brim. Some people say that there is also sunshine bass. Normally you can find bass in the afternoon and in the morning. However, depending on the weather, they can also school at noon.


The people who have some experience with the region claim that it is best to be fishing in Lake Virginia because it comes with the largest bass schools. It is common for people to catch crappie in Lake Mizel and the largest bass comes from Lake Nina.

If you are an angler, this is a location that you have to try.