Canoe Vs. Kayak: Which is Better for Fishing?

When it comes to fishing, you have two amazing options at your disposal as far as the boat style is concerned and these are canoe and kayak.  Both these boats offer many benefits and advantages but if you are interested in going fishing, then you must pick up one depending upon your comfort and suitability.

The following are some points of comparison between canoe and kayak which will help you pick the better one for fishing.

canoe vs. kayak

Ease in Paddling

The first thing that you need to consider is the ease in paddling.  Undoubtedly, kayak makes for the better option as far as this feature is concerned. Kayak is much more comfortable for paddling while fishing since it offers the option of double bladed, side-to-side paddle stroke. On the other hand, a canoe must not be too comfortable as far as paddling is concerned. Canoes are difficult to turn and may be tough for solo fishers.


When it comes to comfort, canoes are a much better option while kayak may have some reservations.  Those who have back problems may find kayaks uncomfortable whereas canoes suit almost everyone. However getting in and out of a canoe may be more difficult but even then they prove to be an overall better option.

Keeping Dry

When fishing, it is also important to consider which boat will keep you the driest. A kayak again proves to be a better option in this case too since a fishing trip in a canoe will mean carrying an extra change of clothes.  This happens because in canoe, there are spray rings located in the shaft and the water tends to drip down and fall on your lap as you paddle it. But in a kayak, sitting close to the water gives more stability and makes tipping over less likely.

Better for Big Water

As far as fishing in big water bodies like great lakes is concerned, kayaks prove better because they work better in waves.  They have a low profile due to which they are not targeted by the winds and hence the paddler is more in control.  In this case, steering becomes easier and this is not the case in canoes.

Better for Inland Water

As far as fishing in inland water is concerned, canoes form the better option. Since a canoe has two paddlers, overcoming difficulties of inland water may get reduced and they may also be able to handle the difficulties posed by the wind in a better manner.

Carrying More Gear

You may need to carry a few things with you when you go for fishing in a boat and a canoe will offer much more storage capacity as compared to a kayak.  A kayak may not be able to house bulky gear like fishing boxes etc.

Overall, a canoe proves to be a better boat for fishing but those looking to hit larger waters may want to consider a kayak.