Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Fishing

You like catching fishes for fun, for recreation, as a passion or just as a pastime. Well whatever it may be, there are some things that everyone needs to keep in mind when they go fishing. Everyone knows there is a form and method to fishing but despite knowing so people tend to make some of the most common mistakes which one should avoid while fishing.

mistakes to avoid while fishingWell, here we are to help you avoid few such mistakes by listing them out clearly for you: take a look:

  • Do not use the wrong line- Using an old and worn out fishing line is the mistake that is most commonly made by anglers. You will not just be unable to get some fish, but you’ll also be wasting good bait even if the fish bites, due to the lack of fresh and strong line.
  • The wrong hook: Another mistake that comes to be pretty common is using a hook which is quite clearly not appropriate for the kind of fish you want to catch. So before you head out pick a right size, shape and design of hook that suits your needs.
  • Not enough line: Now maybe you have the right line, the right hook and the right rod/ reel, but it all is still waste if you do not have enough line attached to the reel before you cast it. Most reels have recommendations as to how much line must be spooled. So please don’t try to preserve line, make do with shortage or save money. Because all that you’ll most probably end up with is no fish.
  • Choosing poor water: Another mistake! Keep this in mind- no matter the kind of gear you have and the amount of time, choosing low quality water will definitely lead to poor fishing. So do your homework before going out on the waters and make sure to choose high quality water for your expedition.
  • Leaving a slack in line: If you have no idea about or have an idea but forget that slack in the line kills the chance of you landing a fish- then you are making another mistake you should not be. With a slack the fish can either throw the hook or just snap the line and take off with your bait. So do not use slack lining for fishing if you really want to catch some fish.