Top 6 Important Tips for Salmon Fishing

Fishing can be more than a hobby for many people. However it is a difficult art to master. You need to know that not all types of fish could be caught in the same way. Different types of water can also create different problems. This is why you need to know which techniques are suitable for which fish.

Salmon is one of the most sought after fishes and therefore a lot of people will be eager to know the tricks of catching a salmon. Here are a few tips which will help you in Salmon fishing.

tips for salmon fishing

How to Catch Salmon- Relevant Tips

Fishing Salmon is a very popular leisure activity for a lot of people. But the task can be frustrating too. In order to ensure that you have a good luck in this hobby or sport, we have a few tips for you

  • Before you go out for Salmon fishing make sure you are well prepared for the job. A part of preparation will be sharpening the hooks. Salmon has a strong jaw, and a blunt hook will not make it easy to catch the fish. Thus, keep your hooks razor sharp so that it cannot escape once it bites the bait.
  • Next thing that you need to keep in mind is the choice of bait. Fish roe are probably the best bet when you go out for Salmon fishing, but there are other options which might work well too. Some fishermen use strips of fish cut from Herring or such fishes as bait. There is also bait known as lure, which imitates the movement of fish in the water. Flashtrap spinners can also be quite useful in Salmon fishing.
  • Overcast conditions are perfect for fishing Salmons since this particular fish prefers low light. Alternatively, you can also try fishing for Salmon during the dawn or dusk. But if it is a bright and sunny day, the Salmon remain in deeper water, but can be caught from there and they will be less active too. Using some flash attached to your bait can help, since it helps to draw them to the bait in the darkness.
  • While fishing Salmon in fresh water it is a good idea to use drift fishing technique. The bait has to be placed upstream and then it should drift to the area where the Salmon can be. This means the bait looks more natural to the fish and there is a greater chance of it swallowing the bait. Moreover, you should try to fish with the flow of tide and not against it.
  • If you are fishing Salmon in USA, you will need a stamp, the absence of which might lead to imposition of a huge fine. The cost of this stamp goes towards conserving the Salmon.
  • Interestingly colors of fishing line can play an important role in fishing as colors like red disappear in water faster.

If you follow these advices, you will be able to catch Salmon more easily than otherwise. Prepare well for Salmon fishing and you will reap the benefits.