Best Cod Fishing Tips

Fishing is indeed a great hobby to maintain and if you get the right training for it, you can have some amazing fish catch which you can enjoy for your barbecue dinners, of course, if you find the right fishing spot where the required fish is available.

Cod is one of the most commonly caught fish as it is very tasty and nutritious too. If you want to know how to do Cod fishing, read the tips given below so that you can grab your fishing rod and head towards the nearest fishing spot:

cod fishing tips

  • Do not get disappointed if you do not get your catch easily. Fishing requires a lot of time and patience and you will definitely get to celebrate your first catch some day.
  • Get the best quality fish baits. Having good bait is the most important thing in order to attract the fish and catch them and hence take the ones of a good brand.
  • Make sure that the point of your hook is clear and sharp so that the fish get trapped easily. If it becomes blunt, the fish can easily escape the rod.
  • Watch experts and learn from them. Visit a spot where good anglers often fish and observe and learn the exact techniques.
  • Do not follow the crowd. Find your own comfortable spot as the place with a lot of crowd have lesser chances of finding the right catch.
  • Cod fish usually hang around in the shallow areas and hence, do not try fishing the very deep areas.
  • Do not flash any light on the water out of curiosity of seeing the cod fall into trap. Fish get really petrified when they see such bright lights and doing this will only delay your catch.
  • Over mussel beds and broken ground ragworm are some of the most effective baits for the cods.
  • Note down the features of your mark. Find out the direction of the wind and the way fish move accordingly. Take instructions from seniors or fellow members if needed as little advice from the experts always helps.
  • Use ropes which are strong and sturdy so that even if you find a heavy catch, the rope will not break off and flow away with the fish.
  • Concentrate on the activity. The moment you feel the pull from the fish, move the rod and trap the fish. If you are not concentrating on the pull, the fish will easily take away the bait and fall free from your trap.
  • Maintain a dairy especially to note down your fishing activities. Make a note of all the important points, especially after making significant catches so that you can use your own tips for future reference.
  • If you plan to fish cod in the winder, colored water would be the best.
  • Fishing from a cliff would be amazing as it would be an amazing adventure and cliffs are excellent fishing platforms too.
  • Be safe while fishing. Do not take the unnecessary steps and read all the precautions carefully. Do not try going for fishing in restricted areas of the river.