What Should The Campers Know About Rock Climbing?

During the years out of the basic term of rock climbing certain “branches” spread their wings embracing different degrees of difficulty and hence encouraging a specific target group of campers to practice them.

mountain climbingClassical rock climbing refers to crossing cliffs, glens and mountain edges during summer or winter, experiencing certain technical difficulties and climbing passages of a medium to large height.

Technical rock climbing or mountain climbing is connected to difficult mountain routes, most of the time on very high ground with large distances in between the target points and many meters of cord used during the process. This type of climbing involves specific equipment and experience as well as a very accurate knowledge of the free climbing techniques.

Among these there are the “Big Wall” related to climbing very tall mountain walls during several days and the “Mixed climbing” that includes the coverage of mountain regions with both rock and ice, a process requiring a different gear and technique.

climbing techniqueThe sports escalade or free climbing is a slightly easier version that has become very popular lately and refers to the climbing of generally shorter routes with a high degree of difficulty.

Of these the “Bouldering” is the most difficult and it is the most commonly met in the camping communities over the world.