Rock Climbing Sport For Camping

Do you love to try something different while camping? How about rock climbing?

For those who really like adventures and love to try something different in their life, rock climbing can give great personal satisfaction.

Not for every one

Rock climbing can be quite challenging task both physically and mentally.

However, to enjoy this sport in your camping, you must be healthy enough and have good physical body condition. As the rock climbing process involves right body positioning, stretching and bending, your body should be flexible and responsive.

Most important thing is you should have excellent skills to prevent injuries while rock climbing. For those who are mentally not stubborn or have altitude sickness, rock climbing is not suggested.

Essential equipment

You need very few supplies and equipment for this camping sport. Here is the list of equipment required for rock climbing.

  1. A pair of rock shoes
  2. Climbing rope with quite good quality and length
  3. Helmet to protect your head
  4. Harness equipment that goes around your waist
  5. Quality chalk made with carbonate of magnesium, which helps when your hands become wet
  6. Sling, belay and rappelling devices, carabineers

Apart from these, you should have passion, physical and mental strength for rock climbing. Don’t experiment if you are new to it and take all safety measures to make it fun sport for your camping.