8 Amazing Tricks and Tips to Catch Bigger Fish

Are you a fishing enthusiast or a professional fisher who is tired of catching only small sized fish? Do you wish to catch bigger fish and a LOT of it? Well you seem to have landed on the right page. There are several tricks and tips to catch bigger sized fish and the following are the 8 most effective of them:

tips to catch bigger fish1. Use Live Bait

One of the best tips anyone can give you when it comes to catching fish and especially large fish is to use live bait instead of the plastic ones. Live bait is more likely to attract fish. Use attractive items as bait depending upon the fish you are targeting.

2. Pay Attention to the Tide

Another useful tip is to pay close attention to the tide. Tide makes a huge difference when you go out fishing and may improve or reduce your chances of a big catch.

3. Buy the Correct Fishing Rods and other Tools

Larger fish is likely to be heavier and you will find it difficult to catch them using your rods meant for smaller variety. If you really wish to catch big fish, make sure you buy the correct fishing rods and reel. The rod should be of a desired length.

4. Pay Attention to the Time of the Day

The time of the day also makes a huge difference in the size of the fish you catch. So do pay attention to it before you plan your next fishing trip.

5. Choose your Fishing Spot Wisely

If you are unable to catch big fish, then it may be due to your current location. Make sure you choose your fishing spot wisely as the location decides the kind of fish underneath.

6. Use Fish Deadline

Another very useful tip for catching bigger fish is to use a fish deadline over the side of the boat or off the bank. This will allow the fish to set hook to them and will enable you to have more control.

7. Use Smaller, Sharper Hooks

Another good tip is to use smaller and sharper hooks as they work as well on bigger fish as they do on smaller.

8. Keep 8 Inches between Hook and Sinker

By keeping 8 inches of distance between the sinker and the hook, your probability of catching big fish will increase so try following this tip as well.