Go Tiger Fishing in Africa for a New Outdoor Experience

Every fisherman has a dream. Usually these people have a favorite kind of fish that they would like to catch and that might be the Tiger fish. These are big fishes and they can be found only in certain locations of the world. This is why they are so tempting for the majority of the fishermen.

Tiger FishActually, there are several different kinds of Tiger fish, and they are best known for the huge teeth they have.

Also another interesting fact about this species is that they are really acrobatic for their size, and this is one of the reasons for which they are difficult to catch.

There are numerous agencies that offer you the experience of a lifetime by taking you to Africa for fishing.

According to those people who have gone through such an experience, the trips are well organized.

There is someone waiting for the tourist at the airport, and they take good care of the fishermen.

The best time to go on such a trip is July-November, but you should know that the agencies are accepting only 6 people at once. The location you will be fishing in is the Congo River, but the exact location is a secret one.

You might travel to Kinshasa by plane, and you should plan this trip in advance, because you also need a visa. After getting to the airport, you will travel by train, minibus, jeep or other means.

Don’t forget that this isn’t a luxury camping experience. You will have to sleep in a tent, and the air in this area is humid.

Besides the visa, you will also need to think about vaccinations against different kinds of illnesses, such as the yellow fever. All these take time, and so the tourism agency suggests you start the preparations 3 months in advance.