Ice Hole Fishing for the Winter Outdoor Adventure

As during the winter the large majority of lakes are frozen, making ice bridges – sometimes so thick that you can cross them with a horse pulled sleigh – fishing at the ice hole is the only option.

ice hole fishing

As surprising as it may seem the large majority of winter fishing trips are those that include making a hole in the ice. The procedure is well appreciated by those fishermen who endure the low temperature.

ice fishingSo far equipment is concerned, the ice hole fishing is not very complicated. 2-3 rods of 1-1.5 meters in length preferably made of bamboo or modern composite materials are more than enough.

You will also need a thin fishing line of 0.12-0.18 depending on the capture you are going for.

If the water is not very deep you can use a reel to recover the line, a mobile plastic reel being perfect for the purpose.

It is better to use a sturdy small hook to make sure the captured fish is not going to escape.

The most efficient bate – the dragonfly larva, is certainly the most fragile one, because of its segmented red body.

Of course there are ponds where the carp can be caught with the classical corn flower bate, but if this is the case make sure you cut a large enough hole to fit the fish you are going to catch.