Fishing In Oregon – An Affordable Adventure Trip

Fishing is one of those outdoor activities, which require finding new places and new sources.

In case you like to travel and you enjoy finding in new fishing places, then go for Oregon. Near Portland there are plenty of areas, where you can practice your favorite outdoor activity and which is more- this is inexpensive.

The town of Sister is the first place you need to visit, in case you want to enjoy quiet fishing. Columbia River is just perfect for fishing and all kind of activities related to it.

Fly-fishing and mostly steel-heading are extremely popular in this place.

There are already companies that are offering trips for two. A weekend in Sister town, camping near the Metolious River, fishing in Columbia and steel-heading with professionals: all these can cost only $225 per person.

The meals are included, as well as the fishing license. Don’t miss out to swim in Columbia River, which is an adventure you will never forget.