10 Must Have Fishing Equipments

Fishing is a great past time for many people and is even more fun in the summers with the sun shining brightly overhead.  But what can completely ruin your fishing outing is having lesser equipments than required.  Fishing is definitely a rewarding experience when you have all your tools present in your tackle box. The following is the list of the 10 must have fishing equipments.

1. Extra Line

Extra line

More often than not, the main fishing line tends to get either entangled or damaged while you are fishing.  Therefore it is always advisable to carry an extra line or two in your tackle box.  Infact you must make sure that the extra fishing line is durable when you are going to catch some fish in rougher conditions.

2.  Extra Hooks

Extra hooks

Without hooks, fishing is almost impossible. While everyone remembers to carry hooks with them ona fishing outing, what they forget is to carry some extra ones.  You must have a variety of hooks as you don’t really know what kind of fish you would need to hunt while you are out there.

3. Bobbers


Bobbers are those fishing equipments which help you to know when a fish takes a bite.  What happens is that when a fish bites, the bobber or floater tends to sink. Make sure you carry sufficient bobbers with you.

4. Sinkers


Another must have fishing equipment is a sinker. A worm and a fish are a little too light and therefore you need something heavy to let your line sink in. This is where the importance of sinkers comes into play.

5. Plastic Worms

Plastic worms

Plastic worms are another important and must have fishing equipment for all your fishing outings. Live bait is surely better but you might run out of it and need plastic worms in that case.

6. A few Lures

couple of lures

In some cases, you may need to ‘lure’ the fish by using some colorful lures. Hence make sure you carry a few with you on your fishing trip.

7. Needle Nose Plier

Needle nose pliers

These equipments are very important as they help in taking the hooks out of the fish. Therefore don’t forget to carry one strong and durable needle nose plier.

8. A First Aid Kit

small first aid kit

Apart from the fishing equipments mentioned above, you must make sure you have a small first aid kit with all the essentials on your fishing trip.

9. Sunscreen


This is surely another must have to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

10. Line Cutter

Line cutter

Sometimes you’ll need to cut the line and hence a line cutter must always be near you.

Photo Credits By: artofmanliness.com