Tips to Toughen Skin for Rock Climbing

If you like to push yourself and you love adventure then rock climbing may be the sport for you. You need a lot of stamina and you also learn to endure pain. Since the main idea behind this sport is to climb rocks through rugged and rough terrain, it is obvious that you will feel a lot of pain especially in your hands and fingers.

Your feet will be protected by your shoes but you need to hold on to rough rock with your hand so that you can move forward. That is why your hands need to be strong and you must toughen your skin. Below given are some tips that will help you to toughen your skin.

toughen skin for rock climbingToughening your Skin

  • You have to stop using any form of hand lotion that tends to make your skin soft and supple. This will only cause you more pain when you climb.
  • If you use some form of alcohol or spirit to rub on your hands then you will see that your skin has tightened slightly. For those of you who have allergies with the use of alcohol discontinue its use.
  • In case there are cuts and blisters on your skin, cut of the skin that is tearing away. Tape it well and continue climbing. The initial pain may be severe, but slowly you will get accustomed to it.
  • You can use the pump machines to increase the tenacity of your forearm. And in addition try squeezing a sandpaper ball in your hand to toughen your skin.
  • If you like it, then go for boxing without the gloves. Do not attempt it with any person, just play along with the punching bag.
  • In case you feel that your fingertips suffer the most wear and tear then try using sanitizers instead of soaps. Most of the soaps or hand washes contain skin softener and moisturizers. That will make your finger tips more prone to cuts and blisters.
  • You can use a pumice stone and rub it on your finger tips for 15 minutes every day.
  • The most important thing to do in situations when you have just started climbing and you see that your skin is going through a lot of wear and tear is to keep up your spirit. Do not stop at that time. The skin will re-grow and the cuts will heal. You need to keep climbing the rock.

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