Climbing Mistakes which Even Pros can Make

Climbing is a sports that attracts both the rookies or amateurs and the pros. However, their approach towards the sport is bound to be different. There are some common mistakes that are performed by most people irrespective of their expertise and experience in this sport.

It is often said that 9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistake. But there are some specific mistakes that are made only by the pros, even after attaining much knowledge about climbing. Here are some of those mistakes that can be made even by the pros.

climbing mistakes which even pros can make

A Few Climbing Mistakes that Even the Pros can make

It is evident, that the pros will not make silly mistakes such as not wearing the proper gear. However, at times, overconfidence on their own expertise can lead to certain blunders. Here are some of them.

  •  All the pros will know how important their climbing gears are, and why they should be taken utmost care of. Even then, sometimes, one might forget to clean their shoes. Dirty shoes are not suitable for any kind of climbing, as they tend to loosen the grip, and thus as one steps on the step or rock, the dirt in the shoe smoothens it, and makes it slippery. Thus, if there is some dirt stuck to the shoe, one must stop and clean it immediately.
  • Sometimes a climber puts too much faith in the bolts. But bolts can also fall, especially if they are old and worn out. If you are climbing a place which faces consistent sea breeze, be sure to check the conditions of the bolt, because in those climates the bolts can wear out easily. It is important not to trust the bolts blindly. It is better to select a route that has better hardware facilities.
  • If you are climbing in a group, it is important that you also take the ability and the limitation of your partners in mind. He or she may not be as experienced as you are, and therefore, what is easy for you can be difficult for him or her. Make you sure you are not putting your companions in a dangerous position. If your climbing partner is an amateur, while you are a pro, you will have to teach him a lot of the tricks of the trade.
  • Even if you are a pro, there might be limitations to your abilities as well. A good climber is a person who is fully aware of his or her limitations and plan accordingly. Moreover, you should not also try to exceed your limit under peer pressure, especially when, your team consists of pros.
  • Poor communication is a bane for climbers. If you are a pro, you are already aware of this. But at times, even the pros can make mistakes. This is especially useful when you have a long or windy trek in front of you. Make sure you communicate the plan to your partner properly.

Even though you are a pro, being safe is the best way to follow while climbing.