Top Most Common Rock Climbing Mistakes

Rock climbing is definitely one of the most adventurous sports in the world and is also something which thousands around the world are passionate about. The rush of the heights and the passion of climbing make the sport even more fun. But this sport is not short of dangers and risks which must be dealt with and a lot of factors must be taken care of to avoid them.

Inspite of knowing risks involved, a lot of people, especially starters tend to make some common rock climbing mistakes. These mistakes are also often made by experienced climbers and must be avoided at all costs. The following is a list of the top most common rock climbing mistakes:

most common rock climbing mistakesNot Double Checking the Knots and Belay

The rope must be properly threaded correctly through the belay device and also the locking carabiners in the system should be properly locked. The knot must be checked not once but twice to ensure it is not loose and is threaded through the harness in the correct manner. The tail too must be long enough.

Not Wearing a Helmet

A lot of novices avoid wearing helmets but this is a big mistake which must be avoided at all costs. A helmet not only protects you in the case of a fall but also avoids you being hit by debris falling from above. A loose rock is always a hazard in rock climbing and the best way to be safe from it is by wearing your helmet.

Rope Behind the Leg While Leading

This is another common but huge mistake rock climbers tend to make. If you fall in this position, then chances are that you will be flipped upside down. This can lead to a serious head injury and even death. You must develop a spider sense when a leg has moved across a given line and then fix the problem as soon as possible.

Poor Communication

Rock climbing is one of the sports that you do in groups or atleast in pairs. Moreover, this is a sport in which you are codependent on each other and hence communication is very important. A miscommunication can be disastrous for the entire group.

Back Clipping

A lot of climbers tend to follow the process of back clipping but this is a serious issue which must be avoided. When you are clipping a rope into a quick draw, you must make sure that the end comes out of the carabiners and away from the wall. But in case the sharp end leads out of the carabiners towards the rock then you are said to be back clipped.

Blindly Trusting Bolts

While bolts are important accessories for rock climbing, you must not trust them blindly. It is highly possible for bolts to fail and this is especially true in the case of old bolts. So relying completely on bolts may not be a great idea but is still a commonly made mistake.