8 Most Difficult Mountains to Climb in the World

Our earth is a beautiful and intriguing place with many different elements like land, water, lakes, rivers, mountains, oceans and hills. The human race has always tried to explore the maximum extent of this planet and continue climbing mountains and diving deep into oceans.

While some mountains are relatively easy to climb, some are really tough and challenging. mountains, then the following given list will be of use for you.

1. K2


This is the second tallest mountain in the world but is the hardest to climb upon.  It is a fact that thousands of people have managed to climb Everest, which is the tallest but a lot fewer have climbed this mountain because of the dangerous conditions, steep climb and unpredictable weather conditions.

2. Mount Everest

mount everest

Being the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest needs a lot of stamina, preparation and will to climb. The falling oxygen level at such a height creates problems for climbers and so does the chilly temperature.

3. Nanga Parbat

nanga parbat

Located in Northern Pakistan, this mountain is the ninth tallest in the world and is one of the most dangerous peaks to climb upon.  About 31 deaths were recorded before this mountain was climbed successfully for the first time by Herman Buhl in 1953.

4. Kanchenjunga

This mountain is on the border of Nepal and India and is so vertical that it poses a lot of problems for those who wish to climb it.  Besides the difficult altitude angle, the unpredictable climatic conditions too prove to be a problem for climbers.

5. Mont Blanc

mont blanc

This is among the most dangerous and tricky mountain to climb. Not only are the routes tricky but also the altitude is very high. Rock slides and bad weather conditions are common and these things make climbing this mountain a very tough deal.  Many people die every year trying to climb this mountain and only someone with experience and skill can climb it successfully.

6. Fizroy and Cerro Torre

These two peaks are situated right next to one another in the southern Andes. Both these peaks are equally challenging to climb because they have extremely vertical cliff faces. The intense weather conditions further add to the difficulty level.

7. Mount McKinley

This is a peak which is situated in Alaska and the elevation level is too high on it for climbers to climb it easily. It is one of the steepest mountains in the world and the severe weather conditions make it even more dangerous. Only an experienced and fit climber can successfully climb this one.

8. The Matterhorn

the matterhorn

This mountain is located in the Alps and is yet another difficult one to climb. It has multiple routes out of which some are very difficult to tread upon.  Even during the summer season, the weather can become intense and may pose even more difficulties for the climbers.