7 Insanely Awesome Gift Ideas for Rock Climbing Enthusiasts

If you have a friend or a relative who is a fan of rock climbing and just cannot live without feeling the adrenaline rush on the rocks, then there are many ways you can make that friend happy. Climbers need a number of tools and equipments while they are pursuing this hobby and finding a gift for them shouldn’t be very difficult.

Ofcourse, the thrill of scaling the mountain or sleeping under the stars just cannot be replaced but presenting your friend a lovely gift for the next adventure can be a great experience for you too. The following is a list of the 7 insanely awesome gift ideas for rock climbing enthusiasts.

gift ideas for rock climbing enthusiasts

1. A Sports Watch

Gifting a rock climbing enthusiast a sports watch can be a great idea.  There are many sports watches which are suitable for hikers and climbers which also have in-built compasses.  Not only do these watches have the stop watch feature but also have several other capabilities such as being waterproof etc.

2. High Quality Compass

Every climber understands the importance of a good quality compass and hence gifting your friend a branded one can make him really happy.  The compass will help the climber to know the exact direction of where he wants to head to and works in cardinal directions as well.

3. Hiking Shoes

Another good gifting idea for a rock climber is a nice pair of hiking shoes.  There are special climbing and hiking shoes which help the climber maintain a strong grip and are slip-proof.  These shoes are very durable and do not wear down easily.

4. An all-Purpose Jacket

Rock climbing in windy and cold conditions can leave any climber frozen to the bones. This is why it is a good idea to gift him an all-purpose warm jacket. Such jackets work like wind cheaters and provide the necessary cushioning and protection from the cold weather. Also, they usually have a hood attached which too can prove useful.

5. A Cool backpack

Serious climbers know the value of a good quality and useful backpack.  The backpack can be used to store everything the climber can need on a climbing trip and could be an awesome gift for a rock climber enthusiast that you know. Backpacks are easily available in many sizes, colors, qualities and designs. Make sure you select a one which comes from a good brand and has several compartments in it.

6. Books

There are a host of books out there which can be very useful for rock climbers. There are books on inspirational stories, training and climbing which your climber friend can enjoy in the times when he is not up on the mountains.

7. Skin Repair Solution

Up on the mountains, skin can easily get tanned and damaged. This is why a skin repair solution is a good gift for rock climbing lovers. Get him a good quality and branded sun screen lotion or repair cream with a pack of similar products.