The List of Dangers Associated with Climbing

We all know that climbing, mountaineering and similar climbing related tasks and sports are risky and pretty dangerous. Well even on knowing this, we fail to evaluate the level of the risk and are not aware of the various dangers which might be associated with this interesting and adventurous activity.

Every year, hundreds of people die due to climbing or mountain climbing across the world and Mt. Everest is considered difficult to top not for no reason. The following is a well detailed list of the dangers associated with climbing.

list of dangers associated with climbingWeather

Arguably, weather is the most risky aspect of climbing since it is unpredictable and unforgiving. No matter how accurate the weather reports are, there is always a chance that weather can turn its way round and shock climbers. Infact, weather is the leading cause of death for climbers.


Another common danger associated with climbing is the lack of oxygen up on high mountains and hills. Sure, climbers may carry oxygen with them but who knows when that oxygen might be consumed up. Oxygen systems have even failed on many occasions and left climbers on the mercy of their own lungs. The risk of death may be less but the risk otherwise is worrisome.

Error in Judgment

Climbing is an activity whose success greatly depends upon the expertise of judgment of the climber. But what if there is an error in judgment and a wrong foot at the wrong place? Moreover, climbers may also make the wrong estimation of the direction, the weather and other such things which can turn out to be very dangerous for them.

Falls and Avalanches

Ofcourse, climbing is risk mainly because it has a risk of fall. Climbers do have all their gear with them when they go on climbing but even inspite of that the risk of fall is just too huge to ignore. Not to forget about avalanches which too is a risk indirectly related to fall. In case of an avalanche, the climber can easily fall off and hit the ground leading to injuries and death.

Lack of Expertise

If a climber isn’t practices enough then he/she is at a great risk and danger when climbing up a mountain. This is why it takes months of hardwork to finally take the climb.

Lack of Stamina/Physical Fitness

Climbers who aren’t physically fit often face problems while climbing and may want to give up mid-way.