Heading For Climbing? Make Sure To Follow The Top 5 Tips For Safety

Climbing can be a tough and challenging activity which is also very dangerous.  It is very important to be equipped with all the vital gear while you climb but apart from this, physical fitness is also the key for safe climbing.  If you are a beginner, then you are most vulnerable to an accident and to avoid any mishap, you can follow the following given top 5 tips for safe climbing:

climbing safety tips

1. Always Check the Harness and Knots

Before you start climbing, always check the rope and the climber’s tie in knot. It must be tied perfectly and should always have a backup knot.  Apart from the rope, you must always check the harness as well.  The harness buckles must always be doubled back and the rope must be threaded through the leg loops and the waist loop of the harness.

2. Wear a Climbing Helmet and Carry other Important Gear.

Your safety is in your hands while climbing. For this, you must be equipped with all the safety equipments, of which the most important is the helmet.  This will save you from getting hurt and will act as a shield against the falling rocks.  If you happen to fall, the helmet will save you from the impact of falling as well. Some other important gear which you must have include bolts and quick draws.

3. Always Pay Attention

You cannot afford to be distracted even for one minute while you are climbing. Your attention should always be on the leader above and keep communicating with him/her. Do not let your mind or your eyes wander and be very careful and focused.

4. Use Safe Anchors

Another important tip for safe climbing is to always use safe anchors.  One must use atleast 2 anchors always and even three work well.  On a climbing route, it is also very important for you to use locking carabiners in the case when you are lowering down.

5. Remember the Rope Basics

The main thing to remember is to use a long rope. Apart from this, you must always climb with the rope over your leg.  The rope must not be in between the legs or behind one of them.  This is important because in case you fall, you will turn upside down and are likely to hit the head if the rope is not over your leg.  Also, the rope must always be clipped properly and using carabiners.

Photo Credit By: hongkiat.com