Activities When You Are Camping With Kids

Camping is a fun, family friendly affair. But the kids can get restless at times, especially when the weather is not cooperating.

Here are some great activities that will keep the kids busy and engaged whether it is raining or a bright sunny day.

Traditional Camp Activities

Playing shadow puppets on a dark tent wall using a flashlight is fun not just for kids, but for the grown-ups too.

Each night you and your kids can stage a puppet show using your hands and the treasures you have gathered during the day. The kids will remember this fondly act for years to come and will make bedtime an occasion for which to look forward.

Outside around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, hotdogs and preparing S’mores is another favorite. While sitting beneath the wide open sky, be sure you bring along a book explaining the constellations so that the kids can learn something about the natural world while they are munching on delicious treats and having fun at the same time.

In the afternoon, you can lay in the cool grass or soft sand and gaze at the clouds as they float by and find familiar and odd shapes.

Let the Games Begin

Arranging a scavenger hunt for the kids is another way that they are learning without knowing they are doing so. Make a list containing items from nature and/or trash around the campsite.

Whoever collects the most wins a prize of your choice. The fun continues as everyone examines the others finds and there will be real satisfaction that they have done something for the environment by picking up trash.

I Spy is another favorite of both adults and children. Finding things around the campsite and having each other try and guess what the object is will wile away an hour or more.

Storytelling in the round is another game that everyone will look forward to when sitting around the campfire. You can focus on stories involving nature, animals or everyone’s favorite, ghost stories.

Rock painting, making leaf collages, frog hunting are all activities that will engage kids imaginations and spark their interest.

You can bring along books to further expand on themes that you have played with during the day.

Camping is not just about swimming, hiking and fishing. There are many more pleasurable pursuits for one and all if you just let your imagination and creativity flow.