Building A Safe And Efficient Campfire Is Essential For Your Outdoor Trip!

CampfireCampfire is a fire lit at a camping site and is one of the most popular features of camping.

But you should be very careful while building a campfire. Without proper precautions it will be very dangerous.

A certain level of skill is required to correctly put up a campfire, to stay it going, and to observe that it is correctly extinguished.

Most of the areas have limitations on fires, so before going to build a campfire you need to confirm with the regulating authority of the region you are planning for camping to verify whether a campfire is permissible or not and if so, if an approve is necessary.

In order to build a campfire you need certain things. These are the things which will be useful to build a safe and successful campfire and to keep it going.

  • Match box or lighter
  • Paper
  • Small and large sticks of dry wood
  • Bare, smooth ground
  • A large bucket of water

Along with the above tools, you need to bring a small hand axe, folding saw and a sharp knife when camping. You will need these things while starting a campfire.

If you are planning to build a campfire, you need to consider three things based on safe care for a campfire. They include:

  • A safe place
  • A safe size
  • Proper fire extinguishing after the usage

Where to build a campfire?

In order to build a secure and effective fire in any wilderness region, you must choose a spot that is suitable for the fire.

  • If you are planning to build a campfire, it is better to make it in a selected fire cavity or fireplace. Most recognized campgrounds have already built fire pits for campers comfort.
  • If your camping area doesn’t have established place to build a campfire, it is better to select the place clear of hanging trees and bushes.
  • Select the fire pit at a safe distance from your camping tent and any other items that can easily catch fire.
  • If you are planning to build a campfire over grass, it is better to apply a sheet of dirt to coat the grass.

How to build a campfire?

To build a campfire, first you need to put the sticks of one inch size and put diagonally each other about seven inches distance.

After that put some thin pieces of sticks above them at angles and separate them about 1-2 inches apart. On the top of these sticks, put some thin, long, and small dry kindling.

Make sure that there is enough air space to burn the fire efficiently. At last place two sticks of 2 inches thick above the tops of thin kindling at angles.

These kindling support the heavier wood. After that, take some large pieces of wood for your campfire because they don’t let the fire to waft away.

So, till now you came to know about the information regarding the campfire. Just follow the steps to build a campfire and to make your camping trip successful.