6 Deadly Mistakes People Make When Mountain Climbing

The mountain is a survivor. Considering it has spent many more centuries than us facing the worst possible natural conditions we should treat it with respect.

The Mountain loves visitors but it does not have a very forgiving nature. So, before deciding to go mountain climbing here is what you must not do if you want to come out alive from the adventurous experience you are planning to have:
1. Do not pick a random day for mountain climbing. If you do not watch the weather news and decide to go on a mountain without knowing how the weather will be you might face a terrible mountain storm and risk being killed by it.

2. Do not go on a mountain climbing trip with no previous planning. Deciding to go out of the sudden will get you into trouble for sure. Consider that you may be strong enough to get on the mountain without serious events but you may also break a leg or fall and hit your head.

You may also encounter wild animals such as bears and wolves and the consequences will not at all be pretty.

3. If you have planned the excursion in advance and decided to take with you somebody more experienced in the mountain climbing do not go on the trip without the proper footwear.

No matter how smart you think your snickers to be, you cannot take on the mountain without the proper pair of climbing boots. Going on the mountain in feeble footwear may get your feet broken and of course put you in danger of being bitten by poisonous snakes or spiders.

4. Keep in mind that on the mountain the weather changes in a matter of seconds and putting on little clothing is not a good idea. On the mountain the rain may come heavily and it can urgently turn into snow even in summer so taking on thick clothes able to keep you safe from the wind and rain may save your life.

5. Do not put junk food and soft drinks in your backpack. Keep in mind that on the mountain, you must be careful what you eat. The climbing will make you hungry and thirsty and snacks will do nothing but fill your stomach and make you sick.

Plain water may save your life so in order to stay safe pack it and take it with you. You must not let the blood sugar level drop or get dehydrated because of the effort.

6. Do not go mountain climbing after a long night spent partying. You need a good night sleep before your adventure. When you are tired your attention gets distracted and this may cost your life.