Learn Different Techniques Of Building A Campfire

camp fireA camping vacation is not complete without a campfire.

It is also the most dangerous aspect of camping.

Learning to build a campfire properly should be high on the priority list of every prospective camper.

You don’t want to build a fire that can get out of control yet you want a toasty warm fire in order to gather round it at night and swap stories and cook up S’mores.

How to make a teepee fire?

A teepee fire is just what it sounds like; a fire started when kindling is in the shape of a teepee.

To make a teepee fire you simply set up the kindling the same way you would set up a teepee with the kindling touching each other at the top.

It is considered to be the campfire design that is commonly used amongst campers. Many campers like a teepee fire because it lasts longer and is easier to start than most other types of fires.

It is also a fire that is easy to control as you can use only kindling for a quick fire or add larger logs along the way in order to make it burn hotter.

How to make a parallel fire?

If you don’t have a fire pit, making a teepee fire is not recommended. Instead, you can use two big logs and build your fire in between them. [Campfire Safety]

When you use logs that about the same thickness, you will be able to put a grill on top and use it as a cooking surface.

This too is a long burning fire because eventually the logs surrounding the fire will burn. Take note, a parallel fire is one that needs to be watched once those logs begin to burn.

Keys to making a perfect campfire

  • A Quick Start- Starting a good fire depends upon how quickly you can get it started with sooner the better being the ideal.
  • The Tinder- A fire that will start quickly needs good tinder. Tinder refers to the material such as dry shavings of wood or other combustible material that is used to start the fire.
  • Practice! Practice lighting the type of fire you will use on the trip at home so that when it comes down to having to make the fire on your trip you will be seasoned a bit at getting it right the first time.