Make Summer Camp Special with Interesting Campfire Games

Campfire refers to the fire that is raised at a campsite to make the atmosphere more luminescence and fun. A lot of people like to gather around the campfires and play games while they enjoy the beauty of the nature in the dark. There are numerous games which do not require any material resources and can be enjoyed for free. Here is a list of best campfire games to play in the summer.

summer camp special with interesting campfire games

Guess the tune

This is a popular game for which you need no one more than your fellow campers and a sense of music. In this game a person hums a tune and the rest of the members have to “Guess the tune”. It is fun even for the little ones if you include some nursery rhymes.

Truth or Dare

Another very common yet very popular game that, one must play at campfires. The basic idea is to spin a bottle or something else in the centre and have the person at a specific end to get the choice between truths or dares. You can both test the strength and level of braveness of a fellow camper or explore the truths about them. It is fun, exciting and even dramatic given your company.

Twenty Questions

Another fun and interesting game to that will make the camping night and the campfire, more interesting. One person is first selected to be answer the questions i.e. be the answerer. The answerer then selects an object which he wants to keep secret and the rest of the crowd asks questions so as to make a proper guess. The answerer should only say a yes or no in response to the questions.

Chinese Whispers

In this game all the campers must sit in a circular formation or even a straight line. Then one person whispers a small message into the ears of the person sitting next to him. The message is then passed through the whole line of people until the last person announces the message aloud. if that message is correct then the game is completed and a new round starts. But if there are any errors, then the person who made the mistake is singled out and given a fun punishment.

The Murdering Wink

This game of deception and death (only metaphorical) is perfect for the setting of dark lit by a campfire. In this game you must prepare chits, same in number as the campers. On one chit write “detective”, on one- “assassin” and duck on the rest. The assassin then takes on the job of killing the members by winking at them. But he must do this secretly and must try to avoid the detective. If the assassin winks at the detective by mistake or if is spotted by the detective, he loses. Or else he wins the game.

Make Them Laugh

The premise of this game is to make two teams from the whole group. Then the teams take turn to be active and pick out a member of the other team to be on the hot-seat. The sole responsibility of the team is to make the person in the hot seat laugh, within a certain time frame.