Top 5 Drinks to have Around a Campfire

Camping can sure be a lot of fun and is one activity which everyone likes to do every once in a while. But what makes camping fun, warm and adventurous is a perfectly built campfire. It is the campfire which holds an entire camp together and is a centre of activity and buzz. Not only does it provide warmth but also the much needed light and security from animals. Sipping a drink around a campfire is a lovely experience but only if the drink is suitable for the camp. The following is a list of the best drinks to have around a campfire.

1. Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa

This is surely one of the most loved drinks across the world but sipping it by the fire just increases the enjoyment of having it. This classic winter drink comes in a pre made package and can also be prepared on your own on the camp itself.  Opt for either peppermint coca or dark chocolate cocoa for the best taste and stir it with a cinnamon or peppermint stick at the end. Put plenty of marshmallows and homemade whipped cream on top for the extra bit of flavour.

2. Hot Cider

hot cider

If you have a campfire built then in all possibility the weather must be cold on the camp and thus another drink to keep you warm in such a situation is hot cider. This drink can warm your bones and is quite easy to make as well. It needs only three basic ingredients if you are making it on your own from scratch and they are apple juice or apple cider, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Heat over the fire and add an orange slice or some cloves on the top. You can also add a little bit of rum to make the version for the adults.

3. Tea


If you are someone who likes tea it then it can prove to be a wonderful campfire drink.  All you need to carry with you is some black tea, some blend of spices and milk/mile substitute.  You can make it on the camp or buy the tea bags from a local store to mix in water and milk. Make sure you let it steep for a long time before sieving it for the best taste and richness.

4. Hot Buttered Rum

hot buttered rum

This wonderful drink seems to be the perfect one for sipping around a campfire in the greens. This drink consists of a slice of butter, some sugar and spices in the bottom of a mug.  Then slowly pour in rum and water in the cup. For a little twist, add orange slices, cider or ground ginger.

5. Mulled Wine

mulled wine

This drink is usually made in bulk and thus perfect for a group campfire. This is an adult only drink which basically consists of a bottle of red wine heated with some rum, brandy, port mixed with honey or any other kind of sweetener, cloves or orange juice.