Campfire Safety Tips To Make The Camping Experience Exotic!

campfire safetyDo you enjoy outdoor camping? Avid campers answer is yes. Do you enjoy outdoor camping without camp fire? The first answer will be no.

The basic enjoyment of outdoor camping is with the building of campfire. The campfire offers the best outdoor camping experience to the camper.

The heart of camping is the campfire; what ever may be the purpose, it can be the need of warmth from the night coldness or the cooking requirements or the ambience campfire.

Campfire set up safety tips:

  • If you are camping in an authorized campsite, check for campfire pit. If your campsite has any campfire pit, then your work of setting up a camp fire is half done. If your campground does not possess any campfire pit, it’s your responsibility to set up a campfire pit for a safe campfire.
  • The construction of fire pit is also very important; the construction of fire pit has certain important steps. Dig the soil to 3 meters and make sure you do not have any dried debris around the campfire. Place all the debris in the campfire pit properly, misplacement of the debris may start a blow out as the debris may fly out of the campfire pit area and fly on to the camping area. Place some rocks around the camping pit and make sure all your campfire ingredients are inside the rock arrangements.
  • The arrangement of the campfire should also be done in a proper way. The placements of the campfire ingredients should be placed in the campfire pit in proper way. First place the objects which are very light and can fly away. After this, place the wood, coal and all campfires starting stuff in the camping pit.
  • Make sure the campfire pit is not near to dried trees and your camping kitchen. If the campfire pit is near to the kitchen, there is a chance of a fire blow out and the fire may spread into the kitchen and make a big blow out. So, make sure the campfire pit is not near to the kitchen. If your campfire is near to hanging trees and if you are camping in summer, there is a chance that the fire spreads to the dried branches and leaves and starts a forest fire.
  • Always keep handy a water bucket or sand bucket. This helps you in stopping the campfire blow outs. Even after much care and safety measures, there is a chance of a campfire blow out. So, always keep handy the fire extinguishers. Avoid gas fire extinguishers as these can sometimes start a big wood blow out.
  • Always keep the campfire ingredients away from the campfire. The charcoal, wood, kerosene or any other campfire stuff should be kept away from the campfire set. At least maintain a respective distance between the ingredients and the campfire. Many keep the fire upwind wood near to the campfire. This can be dangerous as campfire ingredients can catch fire from a small campfire blowout.
  • Never leave the campfire unattended for a long time, as the unattended campfire can be dangerous. When you are leaving the campfire place, completely put off the flame and make sure the campfire is not at all left with any fire.