Where To Place Your Tent When Camping?

While it may be tempting to place your tent in the middle of the campsite or at the edge of the water, it’s not always the most practical thing to do.

While it’s a good idea to pick a site close to water for washing and possibly drinking purposes, your tent shouldn’t be placed too close as you never know how the tides will react if a storm happens to strike.

The tent[camp tent] should also be placed on a higher piece of land if possible to form a natural draining system so you won’t get flooded in the event of a heavy rainfall.

The ground needs to be free of bumps and holes and as smooth as possible for comfort. You should also try to figure out where the sun will be rising in relation to the site as a tent can get very hot and humid in a short period of time.

Camping underneath the branches of a tree can be a good idea as it provides shade, but make sure the branches aren’t dead as they may come crashing down on the tent in heavy winds.

You could be swarmed by mosquitoes as well as other insects and animals if you camp too close to bushes or the woods, especially in damp and swampy areas.

Picking a good area to pitch a tent can make your camping experience a lot more fun and comfortable.