Tips for Tent Camping in the Rain

It is very difficult to tent camp in the rain. Camping is an exhilarating experience, but this exhilaration quickly turns into frustration when you are faced with a gloomy rain shower.

tent camping in rain

Here are some tips to keep you dry and sane until sun comes out again:

  • Always it is better to weatherproof your camping tent. Even if the sky is blue, you need to place ground cloth on tent floor and rain fly above the tent. Ensure that the floor cloth should not extend beyond the tent edge, because it can cause rain water to enter into the tent.
  • Placement of the tent is very important. Pitch the tent in the highest part of the ground on your campsite.
  • It is better to dig a thin trench around the rising side of the tent. It helps to redirect the rain water from running downhill and under the tent.
  • Ensure that you weatherproof your gear and also yourself. Get a simple wrap in order to keep yourself dry and also some garbage bags to wrap your gear.
  • Don’t touch the sides of the tent with your body or with your gear when you are inside the tent. If you touch the walls of the tent, moisture will enter into your tent.