Right of Access Means Freedom of Tent Camping in Norway

One of the best places to pitch a tent in the world is in Norway, due to the country’s right of access for wilderness camping. This means that everybody in Norway is free to camp out in the countryside as long as they abide by a few sensible rules.

These rules state that you have to respect the countryside, landowners and others who are taking advantage of the camping system.

Tent Camping NorwayThe law states that you can camp out anywhere there is open country and the land isn’t fenced in. You’re also allowed to ski and picnic in these areas whenever you like. The term open country refers to land that isn’t cultivated.

This covers most mountains, shores, forests and bogs. In addition, any islands that are uncultivated are considered to be open country even if they’re on cultivated land.

Any property that is fenced in is considered to be cultivated and private property. This generally includes ploughed fields, meadows, fields with crops, gardens, pastures, plantations, industrial areas, and building plots.

However, you can camp on meadows and fields between certain dates in the fall and winter when the ground is covered with snow or frozen. So in reality, fenced land doesn’t have to be physically fenced in.

The law allows you to sleep under the stars or put up a tent just about anywhere else as long as you are a minimum of 150 meters away from the nearest cabin or house.

If you’d like to camp in the same place for more than two nights you need to get permission from the landowner if there is one. This isn’t necessary in remote areas and the mountains.

You also have to check the laws concerning open fires as they’re not allowed near or in forested regions during certain months in the spring and summer. You’re allowed to pick mushrooms, flowers, and berries in most areas, but there are rules concerning cloudberries.

The right of access makes wilderness camping a wonderful adventure. However, it’s a good idea to read up on the rules before heading over there.